Whether you are a business or an individual, your reputation is one of your most important assets, and needs to be protected.

When a crisis strikes, acting quickly is essential. Time is of the essence, especially as social media can destroy a hard-earned reputation in seconds, irrespective of the truth or accuracy of the allegations.

Planning in advance is the most effective way of helping to minimise the risk, mitigating any damage that could occur, and ensuring that you are ready to respond in a structured way if the worst should happen. Our reputation advice is based on APCE:

  • Anticipate - use our experience, sector market knowledge, and awareness of regulatory changes to help you identify reputational risks to your business
  • Prevent - design and implement a crisis management plan
  • Cure - deliver a fast and effective response to incidents, including removing or blocking online material
  • Experts - we work with our communications and forensics experts to take down and respond to online attacks against your brand, your staff, and your reputation

We have an enviable record in protecting our clients' reputations. Our work has ranged from advising a private individual who faced threats of blackmail, to advising corporate clients on the reputational fallout arising from data breaches, and obtaining decisions from the Information Commissioner which required Google and Bing to block content under the 'right to be forgotten'.

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