The team has extensive experience of handling all types of information law queries, ranging from data protection to intellectual property, internet law, and freedom of information.

Ensuring compliance with Data Protection legislation is one of the most pressing needs of any business. All businesses inevitably hold personal data on their customers, clients, suppliers, and employees. Data of all kinds, including customer databases, employee records, and financial information are all subject to strict data laws.  Organisations must process an individual's personal data lawfully, keep personal information secure, and respond to a data subject access request within a tight deadline. Getting it wrong could be expensive.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Data subject access requests
  • Data security breaches
  • Exemptions to the Data Protection Act and GDPR
  • Complaints arising from misuse of personal data
  • Requests for disclosure
  • Reporting breaches to the Information Commissioner

Intellectual Property is similarly important to both individuals and businesses. We can help by ensuring you or your business appropriately manage, prevent, or stop competitors from infringing your intellectual property. 'Passing off' is an offshoot of IP law, and by using this concept, a competitor business who seeks to use your intellectual property by pretending to be you or your business, can be stopped in its tracks. Internet law covers a wide variety of topics and laws, all of which are familiar to the team. We have a good record of assisting clients who need advice about the internet.

Freedom of Information is a specialist area of law on which we have been advising clients since the legislation was introduced in 2000. Our expertise is extensive as we advise both those who seek disclosure of relevant information, and public authorities who are being requested to disclose it.

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